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Skywalker Square Trampoline Shopping Guide

Round trampolines are prepared for fun play and are generally safer since there is often a tendency to bounce in the center of the pad, for that reason you can find a safe space between the trampoline edge and the jumper.

However, if your kids are interested in becoming gymnasts, then a rectangle-shaped trampoline is more effective in helping you achieving additional height for somersaults as well as other jumping tricks.

Which square trampolines to choose?

After doing tons of research on square trampolines, I recommend to you Skywalker Elite Series Square 13-ft. Trampoline with Enclosure, this is a high quality exercise equipment with lots of positive customer reviews. And it remains one of most popular (215) 324-4126 in the market.

Most helpful customer opinions

Easy to set up

Skywalker 13-foot square trampoline is pretty easy to set up, it takes one adult about three hours to install, but could be much easier with 2 adults. A little tip that might help is that when installing, a tall person or a ladder is needed to tie on netting at top.

However, some customers who bought this product said that the direction lacks clear pictures and detailed instructions, so it’s a little bit hard to understand how to set up this equipment properly.


This square trampoline is constructed of durable and sturdy materials, consumers who experienced wind gusts above 70mph in one storm had this trampoline securely in its place without having stakes holding it down.

Square shape provides more bounce

Another interesting testimonial from one buyer tells that his kids, who have jumped on round, oval as well as a square trampoline, testified that the square is without doubt the best shape of trampoline. Not only because it has more room for tricks, but the frame is well built, quite robust, and the jumping surface has lots of bounce.

Other features

Additional features of Skywalker Elite Series Square 13-ft Trampoline also include interlocking T-bracket that strengthens each and every frame joint, W-shaped steel legs that adds extra stability, UV-protected jumping mat which is durable.

Jumpking Trampoline

Orbounder 14′ Trampoline and Enclosure Reviews

Orbounder 14′ Trampoline top features

Feature # 1  easy to install

All pieces of Orbounder 14’ trampoline are in one package, you can set it up quickly by following easy to read instruction.

Although the instruction says two people are necessary for setting up however the whole process can be accomplished by one adult either. This is a great feature that exceeds many of the other trampoline brands in the market, most of which are hard to install and needs two to three grown-ups to set up. (Orbounder trampoline is made by JumpKing, who also makes Jumppod and Bazoongi. You can read my reviews on JumpKing trampoline to know more about the company)

Feature # 2 Sturdy and stable

The trampoline base is stable and its galvanized iron steel tubing is rust resistant, you can feel confident leaving it outdoors under bad weather conditions. Although this trampoline only has four legs, it has eight contact points with the ground so it is very stable.

Feature # 3 Good bounciness

Orbounder 14’ trampoline features high performance steel springs that give jumpers a better bounce.  The trampoline is solid and gives a nice jumping surface that lets you really jump up high. Moreover, the trampoline’s netting is supported by hoop to make it much safer.

Most helpful customer opinions:

It is recommended that you also purchase stakes to go with the trampoline, stakes help to hold the trampoline down firmly on the ground, to make sure that in the event of storms with high winds, it doesn’t blow away. This is especially helpful to those who live in places where storms are common.

One shortcoming of Orbounder 14 trampoline is that the padding around its side is made of cheap materials that could possible wear out in a year when placed outdoors, however, after doing so many researches on trampolines, I find that most home trampolines have this kind of shortcomings reflected from complaints of customers, so you can’t expect too much on that, you have to stop having this illusion that padding will last for several years even under hush weather conditions.

One tip for safety precaution, the thick foam padding that surrounds the jumping pad is there for safety, so make sure you put it on when assembling.


If you have the room in your backyard, then go with the Orbounder 14-Foot Trampoline which is top rated by consumers on several websites. This is a truly great product that you’ll not regret buying it.


Needak Rebounder


The Needak Rebounder is a new breed of mini-trampoline, it has patented spring mechanism that drives a very soft-bounce experience along with unparalleled quality.

If you take a look at the bestselling mini trampolines at the Needak store, you will find both soft-bounce and hard-bounce types. The major differences between the two are the weight limit and how bouncing impact is absorbed. (More 609-529-0971)

Needak mini trampoline overview

Needak Soft-bounce rebounder has patented soft-bounce springs which work to reduce the impact of each bounce by over 85%. This is very important, because like jogging, rebounding exercise also puts some pressure on your knees and spine, buying a quality rebounder helps to greatly reduce the risks of unnatural strain on the jumper’s knees and spine.

On the other hand, Needak hard-bounce rebounder utilizes stiffer springs to create a harder bounce surface. It’s designed primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, it also helps to prevent your feet from touching the ground when you’re landing after doing a high jump. If you are a skilled sportsperson maybe you might want to consider choosing the more rigid bounce of the Hard-Bounce Needak rebounder to have a more complicated workout.

Recommended Needak mini trampolines

Choice # 1: Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder

Reasons for buying:

  1. The soft bounce springs can support weight up to 300 pounds, which makes it suitable for most people.
  2. The soft bounce is designed to absorb over 85% impact from every bounce, giving you flexibility and comfort when you’re doing rebounding exercises.
  3. The mini trampoline is easy to fold and easy to use. This is a nice feature for those who want to store it or carry it around when on the move.
  4. Opening and closing a folding Needak are easier than you think, Needak.com provides a detailed tutorial that walks you through the steps to fold the trampoline, it’s easy and quick.
  5. Made in USA guarantees product quality.

Choice # 2: Needak Hard-Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder

Reasons for buying:

  1. Unlike the folding trampoline, this rebounder does not fold in half, so it is primarily for people have enough room in their house, or who do not travel a lot.
  2. The hard-bounce rebounder has a harder bounce surface due to its stiffer springs, this mini trampoline is primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, it also helps to prevent your feet from touching the ground when you are landing on the rebounder surface.
  3. If you are a professional athlete, the Hard-Bounce Rebounder is a perfect choice thanks to its stiffer bouncing surface, which gives you more challenges.


Pure Fun Trampoline

Pure Fun Mini Trampoline Top Picks

This review gives you recommendation on three types of Pure Fun mini trampolines, including pros and cons from honest customer opinions.

Pure Fun 40-inch mini trampoline

Helpful customer opinions

  1. Good news is that the trampoline is very easy to assemble, some say that it can be installed by one adult without any difficulty in less than half an hour. The moment you take it out of the box, your kids can almost instantly start jumping on it.
  2. This is the trampoline the whole family can enjoy. Everyone can exercise on it, although the product says for kids 3 years old and up, a two year old can also jump and climb on the trampoline to burn off extra energy, under the supervision of parents. It’s a short height off the ground so parents don’t have to worry about kids getting hurt.


Right now, Amazon.com offers the best deal on the internet of this Pure Fun trampoline.

Pure Fun 38-inch mini trampoline

Helpful customer opinions

  1. It was easy to assemble and disassemble, this mini rebounder is very easy to put together within 5 minutes, all you have to do is screw the legs on and you are ready to jump, one adult can complete assembling with great ease. It can also be easily stored under a bed once the legs are off.
  2. Pure Fun 38-Inch Mini Trampoline has the perfect size for your living room, it’s not too large to take up much of your home space, however, it has plenty of room on the jumping surface for you to do different types of exercises.
  3. The mini rebounder is suitable both for kids and adults. Kids can play on it every day, adult can also do exercise tricks or even meditation on it.
  4. The mini trampoline features real springs rather than a bungee cord, so it provides more bounce.
  5. There is customer who complain that a spring blew off on the first day of using, however, this is not a common case.


If you are looking for a well-made and easy assembly product for your kids to utilize their energy on, buy this one!

Pure Fun 36-inch kids mini trampoline

Product features

  1. This is a 36-inch mini trampoline designed especially for kids.
  2. The mini trampoline uses cord instead of springs, so it’s safer but bungee cord are sometimes less durable than springs.
  3. A supportive handrail is included so kids can get more support while bouncing, which is much safer. The handrail is also fully padded for more comfort gripping.
  4. A colorfully designed trampoline cover looks cute in kids’ room.
  5. It fits kids up to 75 lbs and suitable for kids ages 3 to 8 years.


I recommend this mini trampoline to anyone searching for a fun indoor activity for the kids.

Mini Trampoline

Weider Mini Trampoline – A Great Buy Under $50

Weider mini trampoline is perhaps one of the most searched and best rated mini trampolines that are sold under $50, if you type “mini trampoline” in Amazon search box, Weider mini trampoline is among the first ten items that get into your eyes. The reason for its popularity is quite obvious:

Weider mini trampoline is sold at a very attractive low price, around $40, and yet it lives up to its promise as a perfect body toning exercise equipment with high tension springs, and lots of other nice features.
Surely, you can’t expect more than some basic functions out of a low priced mini trampoline, but Weider mini trampoline stands out with well balanced functionality and features, and it has been proved by lots of reviewers to succeed in suiting various buying needs.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this trampoline for a long time, I am a trampoline lover and frequent internet shopper, I set up this website – MyBestTrampolineReviews.com – to help consumers like you find the best trampolines online, I worked hard to search through product reviews jungles on the net, and present to you all the nifty pros and cons. As for Weider mini trampoline, what great features does it have in the first place?

Weider mini trampoline features

  • One of the most admired features of Weider mini trampoline is that it has high-tension springs which ensure maximum bounciness, it functions through spring system instead of bands. Compared with mini trampolines made of bands of webbing, Weider mini trampoline is more like a traditional trampoline that uses metallic springs for bouncing. Although some consumers think spring-less trampolines are safer compared with those with springs, since they has no sharp spring ends, however, the spring trampoline is by no means the best in terms of bounciness and overall jumping experience.
  • It’s a small 36″ trampoline, so it can be easily stored in a clothes closet, and you can fold it in half if you have limited storage space.
  • Its jumping mat is made of decent polypropylene material that can lasts for many years to come.
  • In terms of easiness of storage, the trampoline is also super easy to store, as it is completely foldable, you can tuck it away in your cabinet in minutes with no hassle.

What are customers saying about this trampoline?

When I am doing product research on Weider mini trampoline, I found lots of first-hand, in-depth customer reviews that are priceless, and all these reviews adds up to give us a whole picture of the functions and quality of this trampoline. I will present a sketch in the following paragraph, so read on if you want to get some concrete, concise information.

Weider mini trampoline is great choice for those who want to have enough indoor exercises but do not want to disturb other people in the same room, one customer who is a college student even mentioned that she could do workout routines on this trampoline quietly without disturbing others, because her roommate could barely hear any thing.

This is a great trampoline for small kids. One consumer said she had looked at other expensive mini-trampolines for small kids and toddlers, but ended up buying this one, and she was quite happy with her buying decision after using it for several months, because her little daughter loved to jump on this trampoline. Weider mini trampoline is a safe option for kids and it helps them strengthen their balance and gross motor skills.

The trampoline is super easy to assemble, almost all customers agreed that the trampoline is so simple to assemble, all you have to do is to unfold and screw the legs on.

What are the cons?

One customer complained that it doesn’t ‘give’ too well, resulting in hurting ankles if you keep rebounding on the trampoline for a long time. So the suggestion is you get off constantly to rest your ankles.

One other complaint is about its legs. The legs are protected by plastic material than rubber, so the mini trampoline would slide on a tiled surface.

Little Tikes Trampoline

(231) 230-9910

In recent years, more and more attention has been focused on the problem of children’s inactivity, but The Little Tikes Company has actually been doing something about it since 1970 by designing products that stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage active fun.

Based in Hudson, Ohio, the company has manufacturing and distribution centers in Europe and Asia and became a part of MGA Entertainment in 2006. According to the company’s website, its products “help kids grow mentally, emotionally and physically through play” because they believe that “play really is a child’s work” (7053369812). I guess you could say that Little Tikes has made children’s play their business!

The company manufactures a multitude of products for various ages and activities, but my favorites include the trampolines for the younger set. Kids love to jump and pretend to fly, and trampolines offer a safer alternative than their beds! Little Tikes sells several bouncy toys, but when I researched Little Tikes trampolines, the three that appeared most frequently were the Little Tikes 7′ First Trampoline, the Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline and the Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline, in that order.

All three trampolines are generally for smaller children. The Little Tikes 7′ First Trampoline, the biggest and most popular of these three, has a weight capacity of 100 pounds for ages 3 to 10 years. The Bounce House posts a weight limit of 70 pounds for ages 3-5, and the 3-Foot Trampoline only allows 55 pounds, but lists an age range of 3-6. Technically, all of the trampolines should not accommodate more than one child, but most reviewers tended to allow more as long as the combined weight was under the limit. Even though the 7′ First Trampoline is designed as an outdoor toy, many of the reviews mentioned that buyers put it indoors to provide their kids physical activity during bad weather days. In comparison, the Bounce House and the 3-Foot Trampoline are designed for indoor use only. One reviewer was pleased that her autistic son reacted positively to the opportunity for physical play on the 7′ First Trampoline. In general, most reviewers agreed that all three Little Tikes trampolines fulfilled their expectations for fun physical activity and creative play.

Some reviewers complained they had some difficulty with the required assembly, but a few added suggestions; for example, buyers should make sure there were at least two people to help. Some commented that the sun faded the color too quickly and the zipper broke quickly on the 7′ First Trampoline. One review also noted that it was too light because the wind “picked it up twice and tore it apart.” I think it is important to note that for every complaint, there were several positive comments to counter it. Every person likes a product based on his or her own expectations, but in general, Little Tikes trampolines were viewed as safe, fun, and entertaining by kids and parents alike.